Treating songwriting and music like she is writing her diary, Etta Bond’s music is deeply personal and ever so meaningful. Her music expresses the importance of evoking and dealing with emotions and feelings rather than ignoring them. It’s the honesty and intimacy within her sensual and recognisable voice that really gives it authenticity and creates such a strong connection with listeners. Once you hear her voice, it’s hard not to pay full attention.




Again we share with you a selection of photographs portraying famous people from the past. The photo above shows Ernest Hemingway’s passport photo from 1923. View the first edition here.


Guy Aroch – The Magic Gap


One of the photographers we admire the most, Guy Aroch envisions New York as a 1970s-hued dreamscape in NOWNESS’s short “The Magic Gap”. It’s part of NOWNESS’ weekly #DefineBeauty series spotlighting the different aesthetic tropes surrounding body image. Guy Arochs contribution evolves around an abstract look at the much-documented thigh-gap obsession.


“Hotel Room – waiting for…” by Jan Prengel for WhiteLies Magazine


Photography & Styling: Jan Prengel
Model: Yasmin Hoffmann
Hair & MUA: Lena Mittelbach
Clothing: Victoria’s Secret & H&M


SETURDAY: Night Drive


It’s SETURDAY again. This time we channel our inner Kavinsky and hit the road for an intense “Night Drive” with tracks provided by Chromatics, Daft Punk, Justice, Washed Out, Chrystal Castles and many more. Put on your driving gloves and get going.



ivanman aw14-13

The first menswear collection we saw this season at Berlin Fashion Week was by Ivan Mandzukic, whose SS14 collection made a strong impression on us already. For AW14 he drew inspiration from Alejandro Jodorowskys classic “Der Heilige Berg” from 1973. It’s interesting how Ivan transforms his initial ideas into little details that are subtly attached to his collections. Looking at it in terms of fashion as a form of art, his inspirations don’t speak “loud” enough through the pieces – but at the current state of menswear, this is just natural. His collection splits the difference between precise and casual with a creamy and soft colour palette. (more…)

One Year of WhiteLies Magazine


29/10 – We are celebrating one year of Whitelies Magazine. We reached out to over 150.000 people from all over the world. Won the trust of 1450 loyal Facebook fans and got the chance to raise awareness for a new kind of aesthetic in fashion and photography through visually pleasing content which created an emotional impact with the readers.

The project which started out as a pure fashion magazine has connected with the creative scene on many different layers. We started to think outside of the fashion box and experienced how aesthetics and trends from the fashion world translate in photography, architecture, art, music and design. It’s all about the bigger picture.We want WhiteLies Magazine to get bigger but without losing our minimalist and high quality mentality and most importantly by maintaining the amateur-charms. Every magazine is powered by people who have specialised in this subject, it’s an important subject that we promote younger, unknown artists at the beginning of their careers and give them the chance to speak up through the magazine.

This is the part where it can become interesting for you:

We are relaunching the magazine soon with a new, better design. And we are looking for contributors from allover the world. Photographers, Artists, Designers, Musicians….or even average university students that share the same aesthetics as we do. We are especially looking for contributors in: Paris, London, Milan, Florence, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Cape-Town, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Reykjavik and South-France.  This of course is an unpaid position, giving people that are passionate about the same topics we are passionate about the opportunity to promote and showcase their work in the magazine. Attending events in the name of WhiteLies Magazine, gaining experience in the field of editing an online magazine and useful connections are all part of the deal. Also fashion passionate people, wherever located, that have a talent for writing good articles about interesting subjects are more than welcome.

So if you are interested in working with us on this project, hit us up at stefan@whiteliesmag.com so we can discuss further details.

I guess there is only one thing left to do.


– Stefan Dotter
Founder /Editor in Chief