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Lenara Choudhury


We had the chance to catch up with Lenara Choudhury, an amazing London based photographer who is capable of creating the raw vibe we appreciate so dearly. We talked about inspirations, her humble beginnings and how to break the ice during the shooting.


Purple Party at NYFW by Skylar Williams


Purple NYFW Party at The East Standard NY.

Photography by Skylar Williams


Naressa@LA Models by Michael Benatar for WhiteLies Magazine

Naressa - LA Models (12 of 34)

Photographer: Michael Benatar
Naressa @LA Model


DSTM AW14 Lookbook


Fashion that comes out of Berlin is a difficult topic. The relevant designers try to escape and show their collection in more relevant cities – and most of the designers showing in Berlin don’t represent what the city is about in their clothes. Canadian designer Jen Gilpin’s label DSTM ( short for Don’t Shoot the Messengers ) is one of the rare exceptions.




Next level streetwear -

Photographer: Greta Ilieva
Stylist: Jack Borkett
Hair: Cyndia Harvey
Makeup: Ciara O Shea
Styling Assistant: Kate Iorga
Models: Max Rodwell & Lulu Reynolds
Art Direction: Sam McWilliams, Alex Milsom, Jack Borkett, Simon Peter Frank Cook




We already presented you “Cult Days” and her perfect runway music a couple of months ago. The Brooklyn based artist is back with her latest project “EVOLUTION/DYING” accompanied by an intense visual video. We are glad to see her moving up the ladder and getting the attention she deserves.


William Dauel – Dream Journal


William Dauel is a 23 year old creative who lives in San Francisco, California. He is currently getting his BFA at the Academy of Arts. His project “Dream Journal” evolves around the destruction of film. This is how he described his project to us:

“This project revolved around a dream I had during a rather turbulent time in my life where I was destroying my body and mind with substances and it dawned on me that instead of destroying myself I should in turn destroy my art as an outlet. This specific project I shot the roll with a camera I found in the garbage in San Francisco. I then soaked the developed roll into a film soup consisting of a few drugs I used to take and chemicals I found around my apartment. This particular roll also destroyed the developing machine at a local Walgreens causing me to be banished from developing there. ”


Saint Laurent Permanent and Prefall Campaign


Saint Laurent Permanent and Prefall Campaign.


Marina Vesna by Tanya Gaidarzhy for WhiteLies Magazine


Photographer: Tanya Gaidarzhy
Model: Marina Vesna
Stylist: Lena Labartkava
Hair & Makeup: Maria Ortynskaya


“A Child of Spring” by Thang Le for WhiteLies Magazine


We get a lot of studio-shoot submissions, but a large percentage of them doesn’t make it to the magazine. They often lack the final spark. In a studio you can’t have a great setting doing half of the work for you – the chemistry between photographer and model has to be exciting. That’s exactly what Thang Le achieved in his latest editorial “A child of Spring” for WhiteLies Magazine. (more…)

Thom Browne AW2014


Photography by Skylar Williams (more…)

Léa Peckre for Maison Lejaby AW2014


Photography by Stefan Dotter for WhiteLies Magazine