WhiteLies Magazine is a non commercial global platform positioned as a contributor to today’s creative landscape. The main focus lies on Fashion as a form of Art, Avantgarde Music, Interviews and Fashion Photography. It is our aim to raise awareness for a new kind of aesthetic in fashion and photography through aesthetically pleasing content which creates an emotional impact with the readers. The main goal is to create a platform for rising and established creatives to showcase their work and their perspectives to a centred audience.

The project which started out as a pure fashion magazine has connected with the creative scene on many different layers. We started to think outside of the box and experienced how aesthetics and trends from the fashion world translate in photography, architecture, art, music and design. Every magazine is powered by people who have specialised in this subject, it’s an important subject that we support younger, unknown artists at the beginning of their careers and give them the chance to speak up through the magazine. For now we are non-commercial to remain independent and not get distracted from the one thing that is most important to us – art. And also to give our readers the chance to experience our aesthetics without being bothered by intrusive advertisements.

So the main goal is to create a global platform for established and upcoming creatives, that gives them the chance to easily showcase their work and their perspectives to a centred audience and to be able to be heard, even if they are not that well connected. We are currently operating between London, Paris and Berlin. The online magazine was launched on October 29th in 2012. Ever since the project started our dedication to the magazine and the content has grown each day. Our main-philosophies are the common rules of minimalism: “Less is more” and “Quality over quantity”. At the current state we have contributors in Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Florence, Milan, Las Vegas and Paris.

For any questions and inquiries in general, don’t hesitate to contact us.