HAPPY HOLIDAYS. As the feasts are rolling in, we are calling all aspiring and established photographers, artists, writers and other creative persons to become part of WhiteLies Magazine. We are still ran through contributors and we are not planning on changing the system. So if you want your work to get published in WhiteLies Magazine, just contact us.

As you all know we have a very specific kind of aesthetic with a vein that runs through all our content. We do appreciate work that doesn’t fit, but we would like to keep the clear vision, so don’t be disappointed if your work doesn’t make a very good fit. It has nothing to do with you,  but with our aesthetic stubbornness – obviously.

What we especially need are people passionate about writing about fashion, photography, changes in society, changes of aesthetics, contemporary topics or even politics! Yes we want it to be more than just fashion. Photographers are always welcome as well.  In fact, don’t even hesitate. Just contact us.

If you live in an interesting city, have a talent for taking beautiful pictures and want to go to galleries, interview people, visit showrooms, fashion weeks and other events in the name of WhiteLies Magazine – hit us up as well. We still need people for those positions in a lot of cities.

Learn more about working with us here. 




Stefan Dotter and the WhiteLies Team.

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