ThyApriorimonkstraps and loafers part 2

Creative director, song writer and one of the most interesting creative minds I came across Ademide Udoma, has curated a group of his favourite producers, videographers and photographers to embark on a creative journey known simply as ‘Thy A’Priori’. Thy A’Priori should be seen as an avant garde and high fashion inspired abstract band. Monk Straps & Loafers II, their first track, is a pitch shifted tale of a misguided female who has fallen to the demonic-esque ways of capitalist greed and high fashion desires.The track was written by Ademide Udoma and produced by VS//YOUTHCLUB, an England based duo who have recently worked with Crystal Castles and many other renown electro bands and artists.

I sat down with the man, Ade Udoma for an exclusive Interview, here’s how that went:

How would you describe what you do with Thy A’priori? Do you think of it as a job?
I would describe ‘Thy A’priori’ as a musical and artistic platform for my deepest thoughts, a way of expressing my ideas and ideals freely.


Your former musical alias A.D.E. ‘died’ this week , is this new project like a “rebirth” for you?
I would not call it a rebirth as ‘A.D.E’ was a very different musical path to ‘Thy A’priori’. I believe the ‘A.D.E’ moniker was a neccesity to enhancing my self as a lyricist, but I also believe that it was starting to hinder my creativity. Due to this i decided to send A.D.E to sleep, but death is only a hiatus for a Jedi.


Are there already new projects in the works?
There are currently numerous on going projects that will be surfacing to the public ever so soon. Just know that I hardly ever sit down, my mind is always creating something new, and when I have geniuses such as Kelvin Krash and Samuel Emmanuel around me, I really cant be caught slacking.


How did you come up with the name ‘Thy A’Priori” and what does it mean?
The name is a homage to my philosophical back ground. A’priori being the philosophical term for knowledge that is true by definition e.g. A Bachelor has no wife. You basically can’t disprove this statement and neither do you have to justify it as a Bachelor by definition can have no wife. Therefore i see this project as me fully expressing my self in a way that does not need to be justified and can not be disproved as it is my own “A’priori” defined by me, hence where the “Thy” comes in.


What got you into the creative scene?
I have always been intrigued in the thought of creating something from nothing. I guess you can call it a demi-God complex, as i truly think that there is nothing more satisfying than seeing an idea fruition into a reality. This is why music, fashion, photography and film are a perfect fit for the way I think, as the demi-god complex works well in any of those fields lol.


What is an average day like for Ade Udoma?
Imagine the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ while on mushrooms and all the guys are styled by a hybrid of Yohji Yamamoto and Thom Browne, while the females are styled by a Olivier Rousteing and  Jonny Johansson hybrid…. Oh yeah and then I sleep.


How old are you?
I’m twenty one by human years, but secretly 2000 years worth of Jedi and Sith wisdom. (winks)

Look out for upcoming projects by Thy A’Priori, there are definitely big things coming.

Thy A’Priori

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