We already presented you MR WIZE a couple of times. The 19 year old newcomer has already collaborated with Matthew Stone, Cassette Playa and Mykki Blanco. After debuting the visuals of `X´ last month, he sat down with Wonderland for an interview and performed an acoustic version of X.

Make sure you check out the visuals for `X´here.

Interview with Wonderland:

Where did it all begin with you?

I started filming bits bobs around college with the classic VHS Cam, then you can pretty much say my life started to change rapidly from there. I began to collaborate with amazing artists, met Matthew Stone and here I am now: a musician.

You’re a very visual artist. Do you prefer creating the vision or executing it?

Well, I like both. The idea of creating a concept and placing it into realisation gets me buzzing.

When did you first start writing and recording?

Music has always been a part of me. It’s in my blood. My dad used to be apart of a band in Ghana, colourblocked suits and all sorts. So I was basically digesting his music and the music around me. I started taking music seriously 2 years ago and it has been great journey ever since.

You’ve collaborated with a tonne of established acts. Give us a rundown of the best.

I’ve collaborated with the likes of Darq E Freaker, Venus X, Zebra Katz on visual projects. Darq E Freaker is my homeboy and i’m loving what he is doing in the UK at the minute. I really enjoyed working with Venus X too, she’s so cool and so Harlem, it was a great experience. In all everyone I’ve worked with have been awesome. Everything is memorable.

Tell us about your work with Mykki Blanco.

He’s so cool, man. I got invited to cameo in two of his music videos that took place in UK. We’ve been homies from then on. I love how different and courageous he is.

Note: This is just an excerpt, read the whole Interview at Wonderland.


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