Death Of A.D.E


London based all-round creative participant Ade Udoma just dropped his latest track entitled “Death of A.D.E” in anticipation of his upcoming project, which will be revealed later this week. The highly addictive track, which was produced by Krash, has an introduction by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb, talking about the reaction of when the bomb landed on Hiroshima. The artwork shows the execution of John the Baptist, who was killed for fore telling the future. (Caravaggio, 1607). It’s a metaphor for the necessity of A.D.E to get to the next step, which will be the ‘Thy A’Priori‘ project launching on wednesday. “An avant-garde inspired art and music outfit, created and curated by Ademide Udoma.”

Stay tuned for the launch of ‘Thy A’Priori’ and go to H.O.C for more tracks.

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